Serene Nightmare with a Greater Narcissist

predator: Sereena Nightshade – channel: Sereena Nightshade
target: Mark Smith – channel: Family Tree Counceling
other targets: Erin from the Annabelle Lee channel, Tracy from the Narcissist Free channel
smear campaign channel: Lymric Johnson & Gene Antonio
background info: smear campaign against Tracy, her sudden disappearance from the YT community, death threats to Annabelle Lee, smear campaign against Mark Smith


I contacted Sereena in January 2016 to thank her for her work on her channel. Her work was different from others, concise, filled with terminology that separated her from others in the NPD community, and it spoke the truth in the most direct harsh, jarring way. She was the only one calling narcissists predators, and it sent the message home.
Her response was swift, and surprising. I opened up to her, and then … silent treatment.
I’m triggered, and the online narc horror unfolds. Sereena sends me a picture of a rat, which ends up dead later in her videos, pierced with a kitchen knife.
I tell her she’s a narc, and swiftly she posts an alert video about an anonymous person harassing her (me). At the same time she sends me a link to a different channel with a private video in which her kids are being yelled at by her husband. She then goes on to warn me that I put her kids in danger, if I reveal her secret narcissist identity. She’s trying to control damage over and over again. After numerous unsuccessful attempts she discards me.


Smear campaign against Tracy gets worse, other people post videos against her unaware that everything is instigated by Sereena under her multiple channels, including Tracy herself.
Then I see her targeting Mark Smith online, so I give him a call and warn him about her.
At the same time my private life gets complicated, so I stop following YouTube dramas.


At the end of the year I find out that Sereena moved in with Mark in his home state, they lived together, and that now it’s over. Unbelieavable. I was right.
Evidence: the smear campaign on the Lymric Johnson channel


Sereena Nightshade filed a complaint against Mark Smith counselor  licence claiming that he raped her.  For anyone following the smear campaign channel it is obvious that this isn’t true. Mark invited her to his home, opened his life to her, and she took full advantage of it. The proof has been evident in one video  she published on YT made in his house while he was at work, showing the house to her friend Lymric aka Gene. It’s evidence that she wasn’t in the relationship for love, her apparent goal was, in her own words, to strip mine and gold dig whatever she could get her hands on, and when the con didn’t work, she offered to stop the smear if he ‘helped’ her financially…

The channel is really disturbing in so many ways. Alongside Mark, she attacks his wis now wife Rinda in an ugly foul way.  As for me, I received threats in comments to back out of the deal, or else..

If anyone has any information concerning the predator please leave your comment below (click the plus) or email me at Any information that you have will be appreciated to help Mark keep his licence.

I will update here when new information becomes available.

Serena’s mugshot

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Update October 2018

The case is now closed, the predator has been neutralized, and mr Smith won the case in court.


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