The Volatile Greater Narcissist vs The Rational Greater Narcissist

The greater / covert narcissist is self aware, which makes him the most dangerous. His predatory tactics are premeditated, carefully planned, in both the seductive and the destructive stages. The way he reacts to a greater narcissistic injury is what sets him apart from the lesser/ overt types. The victim destruction is complete, vowing an all out war in order to close the wound incurred by the narcissistic injury. The lesser types will be satisfied with short term, more benign harm, and will quickly move onto another victim.

The Rational Greater Narcissist

The premeditation is lengthier and thorough in both the seduction and the destruction of the victim. The major narcissistic injury occurs rarely, confined to one carefully chosen victim, and the healing from it involves its complete annihilation. The means to achieve it are always proxy.

The Volatile Greater Narcissist

Is more impulsive than the Rational Narcissist, but the way he/she deals with the narcisstic injury is more volatile, less focused, at times haphazard, driven by delusion and paranoia. Its results are as premeditated and as deadly, using direct or proxy means.

The difference between these two subtypes is what type of proxy action they take in order to annihilate the victim. The Rational Greater will use trusted,  vetted lieutenants who utilize a vast network of further lieutenants, coiterie, cronies and tools. He will rarely take the weapon of choice into his own hands, unless he has honed such plan to an extreme degree of certainty. The Volatile Greater will often use more immediate means, and will often use the weapon himself in order to quickly achieve relief and close the narcissistic wound. When it is impossible or difficult to locate the targeted victim, the Volatile Narcissist will resort to annihilation by proxy, by selecting a substitute victim, and it will be as satisfying to complete the healing from the narcissistic injury. The satisfaction may last long enough until the relevant victim is located. In case it doesn’t last, the Volatile will repeat the destructive action over and over again, serially killing random victims in the vicinity of the predator.

The more delusional the Volatile Greater is, he/she will tend to combine all present threats into an imaginary  persona, whom he/she will shift the blame onto and away from itself, for what happens when he tries to remove the threats. People who resemble the threats in some outward ways will fall victim until the relevant victim is found.

Both the Rational and the Volatile Greater Narcissist will use persistently, deliberately, any means necessary to remove obstacles in order to achieve prime aims, to obtain narcisstic supply/ fuel, to remove current threats, and to close the wounds incurred by the narcissistic injury.

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