the shield

There is only one way to protect yourself against narcissistic or any abuse, and it’s all completely in your control.
It’s not the implementing of No Contact. You are in contact with a lot of predatory people every day, which makes you vulnerable to abuse in almost every encounter, every interaction with narcissists and narcissistic or normal people, almost everywhere. You cannot go no contact with all of them, it’s not realistic.
It’s not hiding of your emotions, suppressing them inside, or ‘crossing the emotional sea‘ either. Emotions are your power, expressing them is healing, using them to their full capacity is making you healthy. I will expand on the power of emotions soon.

The only way to fully protect yourself against an exploitation is to build a strong internal shield of ethics. That shield hides a very powerful blade that cuts through any attempt to hurt you.
You see, I’ve learned this very important insight in my own journey. In each encounter with a narcissist, I’ve discovered that it was me who let my shield of ethics lowered to expose a vulnerability that the narcissist immediately sensed and took advantage of. They have that predatory sixth sense that will spot the vulnerability of your unethical hidden intentions, your ulterior motives, your insecurities, your weaknesses. All of those are entirely within our control.
Being ethical with yourself means setting your own ethical code of self direction.
For myself, I set a very simple rule: no cutting corners even in the smallest matters. Never miss putting that coin in the parking meter. Never run through the red light on an empty road at night. Things that could easily be missed, but building strength of the shield starts there.
The shield will get stronger in time, but it will take daily practice, by paying close attention to each little matter, with an intention to build internal strength.
It’s a foolproof tested method. It allows the freedom of interacting with unethical people and never risking an exploitation, because there is no weakness left exposed to be seen, or sensed. In advanced practiced warriors, they start winning battles with the greatest of the predators, quite easily and fearlessly.

Objects are not innocent, some hide attitudes for crime.
In some violent acts the weapon is a banal object: a heavy candelabra, a trophy on a base, a 19th century bronze vase…
Deadly totem contemplates this second function of a decorative object. It is an elegant and heavy roly-poly which hides a very dangerous blade.
The designer does not take responsibility on these alternative uses and advises to distrust these objects of which we do not know where they come from or which intentions they bring.
Designed by Martín Azúa and made with the collaboration of the metal artist Andreu García/ Mayexlam.

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