The authoritative, derivative decrees throttling forcefully, undefiantly through the vacuum of space squeezed in between giant monoliths of Higgs fields.

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Fiat One
Toil, the mighty effort of matter

The first law of Objective Reality #OR. The mighty force is unyieldingly g, almost cruel, relentless. There’s no time for mercy, leniency, forgiveness. There’s no free lunch. The ultimate law of reciprocity, a balance of energy, give and take.
In order to yield better results, a mightier force needs to be applied, which requires a mightier energy expenditure.
The force is necessary to create and connect causal links before they separate in the consequential universe.
There’s no individual link reward, as they all expire. The force is efficient and zero waste, as any leftover lingering residue would clog, delay or impede the relentless speed forward.

Applied Toil

Relentless sensory sensitivity deepens affected senses in human beings. Mighty effort applied daily ‘trains’ the nerves and muscles involved. While discomfort occurs temporarily, it is offset by increased efficiency, depth and performance.

Fiat Two
Group (Energy Conservation)

As mighty matter throttles forward, with mighty Toil, thrust away from the matrices of the Higgs fields, its second instinct is to survive, and it does so through ‘grouping’.
Grouping of particles together in larger and larger clumps allows for the slowing of motion and prevents the loss of energy. The matter groups become highly organized in time, in later stages of the cooling of matter, at slower speeds. As the speeds decelerate, the matter cools off, thus losing energy. To prevent that from happening, the Grouping mechanisms intensify and become more sophisticated.
The Earth now revolves around its axis at 24 hours per cycle, whereas shortly after the separation from the Sun, this cycle took less than 24 minutes. The highly organized matter that walks the Earth today known as human beings, is a result of the Second Fiat, the Grouping.

Applied Group

The society. The social rules, the laws, ordinances, agreements, the army, the government, the borders, the social hierarchy, institutions, etc. installed to keep the Group together. The Group symbols: the flag, the Group anthem, its language, the customs.

The neurotypical society, driven in its entirety by the Second Fiat:
The creation of sophisticated, unwritten social cues, and the ostracization of the ‘Other’ neurodivergence that falls outside of it.
The creation of illusory, intangible benchmarks, code words, labels, paragraphs, the letters of law, inscribed in folds, manuscripts, bibles and manuals. The definitive and final manual for the neurotypical human, the mighty DSM.

Fiat Three
Key & Lock (Interlocking Links)

The unending system of interlocking links in the linked, consequential universe. The Widest Web.
The first and the second Fiats lock in each other immediately. The mighty effort of matter is slowed by the need to conserve energy. The key and the lock. The web of keys and locks becomes more intricate and tighter as matter cools and slows down.

It is the answer to the question of Creation. It voids it with its bare, beautiful simplicity. The keys and the locks ensure the safety of the System.

Applied Keys&Locks

Black & white, good & bad, beautiful & ugly, fast & slow, big & small, old & young, simple & complex, easy & difficult, love & hate, etc & etc

Fiat Four

Fiat Evolve is a consequence of Fiat #3 the Key & Lock, as Fiat #3 is a consequence of Fiat #2, which is the consequence of Fiat #1 Toil. Fiat #1 attaches to Fiat #5 the Loop. This is the linked consequential universe.

How is Fiat Evolve a consequence of Fiat Key & Lock? In the cooling universe Grouping of matter is so intense that it becomes an intricate web of interlocking links, each with a key and a lock which sustain the web, preventing chaos, and a loss of energy.
The growing web of grouping and now interlocking links evolves into more and more complex forms, in order to escape the loss of energy, and decay.

Applied Evolve

The evolution of human species.

Fiat Five
Loop (Closed Circuit)

In the RigVeda, ancient most sacred texts written in Sanskrit, Rig means Loop, Circle, or Ring, denoting the perfection of infinity enclosed in an endless loop. Veda means Knowledge, Rig Veda means the Knowledge of the Loop.

The All that exists is infinite in the sense of the physical, material sphere repeated endlessly.  The cycle of becoming and dying. The very fact that matter exists in such perfect presence suffices. The sought realization of being as such, through repetition of the spherical pattern throughout existence, is the end essence. It reaches its potential limit in a closed, yet infinite circular circuit. It closes all possibility of open ends, such as beliefs in deities beyond the sphere. The ancient RigVedas dedicated to Indian and Serbian deities enclose only deities within the Knowledge of the Ring, within the sphere. The sacred Vedas later became the basis for all of the Eastern religious and mystical schools of thought, that always left the ends open, yet enclosed within the Loop.

Applied Loop

Spherical, Loop patterns repeated throughout the Universe.

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