Zero Waste notes for my PA (personal assistant)

I live a zero waste lifestyle. This means that I don’t allow, or use plastic in my home in any form. I refuse, I reuse, and I recycle. And I compost food & perishables.

This is a task & shopping list for my assistant, it is very specific, so please take careful notes. I thought I’d publish it for others to pick up tips on their zero waste journey.

Dear PA,

When you come, start first with the laundry, whites first, then colors. Use package free bespoke detergent, one tablespoon per load. For drying, use my lovely wool balls, the white ones are infused with essential oils, the unscented brown ones use with colors.

Shopping trip.

As laundry is being done, take with you the three glass containers/ jars to refil at the water station at Whole Foods, the one gallon refill with alkaline water, the other liter ones refill with ionized and osmosis water, rinse the jars well before you refill them; upon return place them in the fridge after you insert the binchotan charcoal sticks into each (don’t forget to reactivate them every two weeks).

Italian sparkling water in glass bottles only, each of different kind; recycle empty bottles at WFM. (7)

Calder homogenized milk and half&half cream, in glass bottles. Bring empty bottles with you for deposit return.(WFM)

Refill coffee, whole beans, do not grind them at the station. Organic French press or organic dark roast only. Decanter the beans at home to a tight lid Weck jar immediately upon return. (WFM)

Maui brown sugar loose in carton only, never in single or plastic packaging. (WFM)

Icelandic chocolate, packaged in plastic unlined paper, 70% cocoa, 100% recyclable. (WFM)

Italian Pasta, any type in carton only.(WFM)

See if baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils are empty. You will need them every two weeks to make toothpaste, and mouthwash.(WFM)

Upon return, change a load of laundry. Decanter, unpack, and store items from WFM. Take all the reusable produce grocery bags, a couple silicon bags, and jars with you and head to the Middleastern Market.
Buy vegetables: fresh green beans, squash, shelled peas, shelled soy beans, carrots, broccoli. Buy fruit: oranges, lemons, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and red cactus fruit. If there are berries of other kind, I love berries…
Fill jars with five kinds of dry resins, and nuts. Fill another jar with basmanti rice, and green whole olives.
The Middleeastern market or the Detroit Eastern market are the most likely to have unpackaged fruits and veggies.
Decanter, store, and organize the produce in the fridge and on shelves.
Finish folding laundry.
Wipe any spills and mop the floor with white vinegar and water.

Every two weeks take all recyclables to the Recycling Center, and the frozen food leftovers to the nearby urban farm to compost, on your way to the grocery store.

Thank you!

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