#OR 2

how to get to #OR

follow me

remove distorted lens:

remove blue :: remove doubt
remove pink :: remove delusion
remove red :: remove predation
remove black :: remove fear
remove purple :: remove lies
remove gray :: remove shame

keep your lens clear

you’re now closer to #OR

look at the sun: what do you see?
you see the sun, and you see you..

there’s no one else, just you and the sun

keep looking at the sun

stare at the sun

for as long as comfortable

for days, weeks, months
don’t skip days

you’ll find youre looking at yourself

apply the first law of #OR – Toil

start making sacrifices:

remove toxic items from your home: tv, plastic, sugar, noise
remove toxic people from your life
give away all your possessions
give money to the homeless
get a job that is physically exhausting

keep looking at the sun
make sure you are exhausted at the end of the day
think of new sacrifices and ways to push yourself

keep going
you’re worth it..

if you can’t find the sun in the sky on cloudy days
look for it all day..

if you don’t follow all steps i will delineate for you to get to #OR
you will not get there

it’s going to be a long road unlocking all secrets till the last one: self awareness

to enter #OR /zen like space
remove everything first..

remove everything you’ve read – donate all your books to a local library or leave in public places..
unsubscribe from all newsletters, delete all apps from your digital devices, stop subscription to magazines, unfollow blogs

forget everything you’ve read
forget everything you’ve learned

how distorted were the lens that wrote those words..?
distorted by the soil of fear, shame, lies, doubt & delusions

your lens should be clearing
you’re now closer to #OR

how many words are misdescribed, misinformed, mistranscribed, misremembered, misgauged, misconstrued, mistranslated, misidentified, misdiagnosed?

clear your words

catch your words
catch your thoughts

are they yours?

or are you only repeating something someone else said via distorted lens?

remove them immediately

destroy all compilations, manuals, series and bibles..

these are the worst focused clusters of distortions and lies compiled by multiple, often filthy lens..
written deliberately to distort, control, and prey

to be continued..

The neuro-divergent analysis

Predatory NT is a blank mirror, does not have an information processing capacity, so clearing of the lens is not possible as Prd Nt reflects reality only.
The word salad is a manifestation of a lack of independent incoming data processing.

Neurotypical NT replicates/ copies incoming information (see fiat2 Group).
The NT processes information against second dimension: the positive emotions, exhibiting more flexibility, yet is tied to the group’s consensus.
Clearing of the lens is possible to an extent of rejecting negative results as they are detrimental to the group’s survival.
An independent analysis of incoming information/ data is restricted.

Empathic/ autistic NT is the only neurotype capable of independent information processing as it experiences reality from a third dimension: the mirror neurons. Clearing of the lens is a frequent natural function.
The observational reality can be tricky. Predatory NT will often reflect empathic behaviors and the neurotypical NT will often replicate empathic behaviors, but they don’t generate empathy on their own. Mirror neurons are new in the evolution of human mind restricted to about only 5% of white human species, so far.

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