Why do we exist on the LGBTQ spectrum?
Why doesn’t science understand gender, and sexual identity?
Why doesn’t science understand the role of chromosomes and DNA in the formation of gender?
Necessary Prologue

Neurotypical science is a secluded mythical ecosystem of invented terms, through a method of landmarking aimed at concealing objective reality. Within that mythical space, the very act of naming a term is an authoritative act of creation of an indisputable but distorted emotionally subjective reality.
The magically named terms then appear, hovering independently, no roots visible or purpose or traceability in any direction.

One of those terms is ‘gender’, another ‘gene’. Neither really exist.
Neurotypical NTs are solely binary, filling the largest chunk of the middle bell curve of neurodiversity with their main purpose: procreation, setting the standard for the rest of us.
Yet, the standard is neither natural nor permanent.

Why don’t neurotypical scientists understand chromosomes?

“Science” divided human DNA artificially, authoritatively into a million of imaginary ‘genes’ by front & end molecules that mark a beginning and an end of a molecular process transcribing and translating a small portion of human body in a completely transparent, open source method. A string of molecules transcripting an eye retina shape, color and its depth is not a gene. It is a molecular string.

That said, DNA is an open string of molecules contained within twenty three chromosomes. Because of the latter, the haphazard division of the string into small boxes, NT scientists on the hunt for a divine code within, lost sight of the twenty three chromosomes.

What is a chromosome?

A chromosome, evolutionarily is an evolved mitochondrium. One look at the early cell or currently living cell mitochondria and it is blatantly a blueprint for the formation of chromosomes in higher complexity organisms such as human beings.
A mitochondrium is an energy producing and sustaining function of a living cell. So is the DNA. Human DNA evolved precisely for the purpose of preserving cell’s life through the generation of energy. Its purpose never has been to generate a human being, this effect is purely coincidental but congruent with present energy availability in present chemical soup of the macro universe.

Anyway. So we have twenty three chromosomes, or twenty three energy generators for perhaps twenty three separate body systems. That’s a lot said in this one sentence, that is concealed by “science”, but no time explaining in this article. Now, a next compact but content laiden sentence: lay these twenty three energy generating chromosomes delicately on top of one another very carefully matching the tops with the bottoms of each chromosome. Be careful not to mistake them, it’s crucial that you do this correctly. Why? It is a very transparent but missed fact that all of the chromosomes are layers horizontally covering the physical contours of human body in the same direction. Even within the transcription-translation DNA-RNA process of smallest parts of the string (erroneously labeled as gene), there are molecular markers very carefully signaling the front and the end of the string.

Let’s do the same.

Let’s now enter the #OR, our Operating Room of Objective Reality. I invite you here with me, to enter the OR: a sterile, white, translucent environment, hidden behind a translucent door, an incessantly blinking little red light on the outside indicating the truth.

Let me take the first X shaped chromosome, let’s label it Chromosome S: it describes the properties of somatic cells (the skin, bones, muscles). It includes the physical gender properties such as the shape of female lips, or the shape of male legs, etc.


Each chromosome is a combination of a double helix DNA inherited from both parents. At the moment of joining of the stem cells, one string of male parental DNA matches precisely an exact same string of female parental (and ancestral) DNA. It is a beautiful, precise, sterile process, perfected over millions of years of human evolution.

Sometimes this process is not entirely perfect, for some yet to be discovered, reason. Sometimes the three chromosomes containing the three layers of gender information seem to be undecided as to which gender identity to choose, and both chromosome strings mix and match quite randomly, in one, two or all three layers. I’ve a theory as to the cause of the chaotic matching but I haven’t gone with it to the #OR yet. This process could be disrupted by an existence of a foreign species DNA that lacks the front & end string markers for the following chromosome: sexual gender identity. I think it makes perfect sense, yet needs to be ascertained.

Back in #OR

Let me take the above chromosome. Let’s label it Chromosome I, for sexual gender identity. It is contained within the complex nervous- brain-cortex Chromosome. Let me layer it on top of the Chromosome S, matching the top to the top and bottom to the bottom very carefully. The sexual gender identity now matches the somatic physical features of the person “under the knife”.

We are missing the third chromosome, let me label it Chromosome G, for it describes the reproductive system, in other words the genitalia and the reproductive organs. Let me layer it on top of the other two chromosomes in the exact same way, matching top with the top and bottom with the bottom, looking for the top and bottom markers.

So now we have created a person’s gender, contained in three layers of three chromosomes: S, I, and G. Or SIG. Signifying human gender identity:

Ch S- Somatic Gender Identity

Ch I- Sexual Gender Identity

Ch G- Reproductive Gender Identity

In a cis person (non LGBTQ) all three chromosome layers match perfectly together, creating a strong gender identity, male or female:

Ch S: female + Ch I: female + Ch G: female = cis female, or

Ch S: male + Ch I: male + Ch G: male = cis male


In an LGBTQIA person, consider a mismatching of the three chromosomes take place.

Ch S: fem + Ch I: male + Ch G: fem = Lesbian female
Ch S: male + Ch I: fem + Ch G: male = Gay male
Ch S: fem + Ch I: male&fem + Ch G: fem = Bisexual female
Ch S: male + Ch I: male&fem + Ch G: male = Bisexual male
Ch S: fem&male + Ch I: female + Ch G: fem&male = Trans female
Ch S: fem&male + Ch I: male + Ch G: fem&male = Trans male
CH S: FEM&MALE + CH I: fem&MALE + CH G: FEM&MALE = Non-Binary or queer
CH S: FEM&MALE + CH I: FEM&MALE + CH G: FEM&MALE = Inter-sex or nonconforming
CH S: FEM&MALE + CH I: mute + CH G: FEM&MALE = Asexual

You’ll ask why the non-binary and the intersex look the same. There is very little distinction between the two, and shouldn’t really be made as such. The non-binary humans have a more defined Ch I, leaning towards a particular gender, e.g. Ch I: fem65% & male35%. While the Intersex humans are 50%/50% female&male.

Whoever you are, you are equally worthy, equally beautiful, equally a human being.

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