Thoughts aren’t really all that yours, if you really think about it. Just as you aren’t really you. I’m not me, most of the time. It’s the need to eat, sleep and pee, relax or stretch muscles. It’s the change from day to night, from summer to winter, from youth to adulthood, to the old age.

It’s your ancestors, hundreds of thousands of evolving humans before you. It’s your grandmother’s eyes, it’s your mother’s kindness, it’s your father’s chin, and his intelligence. It’s your great great grand mother’s inner strength. It’s your ancestors’ leap to upright position circa 4 million years ago. It’s their parting with body hair to enable long distance running, followed by human conquest of the planet from pole to pole, circa 3 million years ago. Most importantly it’s the appearance of emotions to sustain your family, and then society. It’s human love and empathy, another crucial dna change circa 60k and 6k years ago, respectively.

It’s your memories from childhood, the innocence and experience of years past. It’s the traumas, and dramas, and the happy moments. It’s the education, time spent in school and the homework hours. It’s the exams at school, and the teachers. It’s the books. And movies, and your CD collection.

It’s the fog in the morning, and the rain last night. It’s the warm water in the ocean yesterday. It’s even the essential oils. It’s your breakfast this morning, and the type of coffee you had, whether there were eggs or only fruit. Perhaps some gelato. I like the porridge, personally. With walnuts and blueberries. And a walk in the woods in a very early morning.

It’s the city or village you grew up in, it’s the number of moves from city to city, from one country to another. It’s the traveling, near and far. It’s the family and friends, and acquaintances.

All these are sources of our thoughts. They don’t just impact the type of thoughts we have, they literally dictate the exact thoughts that our minds produce at any given moment. All the past experiences, the physical environment we live in, and our ancestral dna, combined all at once in any given waking moment are the direct sources of our thoughts.

Thoughts aren’t yours. You aren’t yours. You, and your thoughts, belong to this earth.

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